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MAY 10, 2024

Our Interview with the Faculty of Science

Discover the unique partnership we cultivate during our book publishing journey, our reflections on receiving our first book order and thoughts on creating a second children’s book.
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APR 30, 2024

Our Interview with Guelph Today

Learn more about the motivation behind publishing a children’s book and our diverse community involvement efforts.
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FEB 13, 2024

Our Interview with the Kinesiology Department

Learn more about our story, personal connections to our children’s book and the most important lesson we learned throughout our academic journey at McMaster University. (Kin The News, Page 4)
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NOV 8, 2023

Our Interview with Kiddable

Discover the inspiration behind our book, delve into the unique collaborative process we share as twins, and explore our exciting plans for the future.
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